Thursday, April 17, 2008


A movie that begins with a bloody suicide scene turns out to be one of the most creative movies I've scene in a long time. Wristcutters is an inventive comedy for the most part, with a satisfying love story thrown in.

The cast is sprinkled with indie favorities - universal hipster crush Shannon Sossamon; Almost Famous' Patrick Fugit; Tom Waits; Shea Whigham; Will Arnett in a bit part; that skinny guy from Me, You and Everyone You Know, and Abraham Benrubi who first caught my attention in Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

The movie is about a special afterlife for folks who committed suicide where everything is the same, but a little worse. Everything is clever, but not too over the top. One character who offed himself was a member of a band in the real world, he still carries a cassette of his music in life, the music is actually Gogol Bordello.

They do a great job. The film has a real imagination, heart, and is simply well made. New favorite! Get to your Netflixes and add Wristcutters: A Love Story at once.

Here is the single that is supposed to be from the Russian character's earthly band:

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