Friday, May 02, 2008

about that dr phil thing

I can't say much, but here's some basic answers to some basic questions about the doctor phil thing:
- I had not seen Paul in 2 years before seeing him on the show
- We have made friends and he will be a guest on my comedy show Street Meat on Monday May 12th, 8pm at Cake Shop; 152 Ludlow St
- The dr phil show found me on the internet after hearing about me from Paul. Every tv show extensively interviews guests before having them appear on shows. He didn't realize they would contact me
- It's all true
- No I actually never did end up on his spreadsheet
- Use of strong language and "telling it like it is" with sass and attitude were encouraged
- Paul was not the only guy with an "out of control" male ego that was featured on the show. I may have been sassin on someone else ...
- Watch the show to find out what did happen!
May 7th at 3pm on CBS "Men With Out Of Control Egos"

see the clip here

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