Friday, May 23, 2008

various imagination stimulants

Aw boo. Now I believe that Chase Crawford is gay. He plays straight very well though! I don't like when people are in the closet. Double boo.

Fendi Chainsaws and Dior Machine Guns


Beautiful things are in here. Is worth your exploration.

LES in DANGER. It's me and my friend's fault. Possibly. ROOF PARTY!

Choco bacon. I would try and probably like, and if you don't know that I would, you don't know me.

Logo humor! This is the sort of thing designers like.

Photos of TV!

(this one gets better, check out the link!)

Oh Andrea with the emo links, thanks girl, everybunny hurts.

Plantlife - Autolux

this just makes me feel like doing
that which i don't know much about

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