Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Bromance

I am a huge fan of Bromantic bromance.
A growing behavioral trend in comedy and youths is the general warmth and adorable lovingness between dudes. This is a great thing. It's funny, playful, and a sign of the times. That men are more able to joke around about loving each other, the less homophobic society is. Yes, dudes can love other dudes. It's also forward thinking when it comes to gender relations. It's a sign that men aren't threatened or put off by typically feminine behaviors. They are embracing themselves as whole human beings, without being weighed down by archaic ideas about what a man is supposed to be.

There's something innately great about men acting like huggable teddy bears, and being dudes at the same time. It's just 100 percent great.

So congratulations boys for getting over stupid hangups about "OMG CAN'T BE PLAYFUL AND HUGGABLE WITH MY BROs, PEOPLE WILL THINK I'M BEING GAY!" I am proud of you.

Some excellent examples of Bromance in Comedy:

1) Olde English's newest music video, sung by the delightful Adam Conover

2) All of Judd Apatow's movies.

3) Dan Gregor and Doug Mand's show at UCB theatre: Banging My Dick Against a Wall, and video that is incorporated into the show

4) The guys at my work. They frequently joke around about "meeting each other in the bathroom." In fact, here is an IM conversation between two gentlemen that sit next to me. Both happen to be hetros:
Dude #1: Hi there buddy
What color Underwear are you wearing man?
Dude #2: whats up buddy
im not wearing any

Gotta love the bromance.

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