Friday, May 02, 2008

Dolly Parton at Radio City last night!

She was incredible!

Seriously. That woman is full of joy. The entire place was just beeming with cheesy fun and positive energy. That was by far one of the awesomest shows I've seen. I'm not even all that into country but I love Dolly. She is pure fun and a total delight. When an entire crowd erupts in excitement over a classic spiritual like "when the saints go marching" and Dolly puts her spin on it - it's this crazy innocent feeling of excitement. Her music is just traditional, solid, well written American goodness. And her VOICE! It's like she's 16 years old. Amazing.

Dolly Parton 051
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She's all glitz and flash, and all of her instruments were white with rhinestones. She talked a lot with that loveable personality and just made everybody laugh. So uplifting! This woman could sing or say anything and be damn delightful.

It was nice to let go in that crowd, let me self get off my snobby New Yorker hipstery high horse and be a total cheesy dork. Really, it can be totally freeing to wave your hands up about some song about Jesus. But her love songs are what are really great.

Dolly Parton rules and if you don't realize that, you are missing out!

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