Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey! I did a voice over.

Hey there, I did a tiny lil voice over on mc chris' new comedy/rap CD. It's currently the number 9 top selling hip-hip album on iTunes OOOOH COOOOL.

Check out mc chris's new cd here.

I am one of the guest voices along with Andrew WK and some of the talented talents from UCB theatre like Curtis and John - speaking of which I make my "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet" tiny Cameo as Hard Drive Honeys' cover girl on [adult swim] on Sunday Night, June 16th! I made some video promos for the show that might air or go on the show's website. Sam Brown from the Whitest Kids U Know was my co-star in those videos and he is super funny in them too. Stay tuned for more!


Shot two more videos that are being edited right now, so excited to share them with you!
Seriously. This kind of stuff is my joy.

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