Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ladies love their skinny jeans

I have a lot of really important things to tell you all about.
Today when I was eating my watermellon cubes I noticed a tiny piece of broccoli flowerette in there. That doesn't go in there! I growled at it The growl was gutteral, raw, and real. I think that was my motherly protective instincts. I guess I should start having babies. I'm going to be 27 in a couple weeks! It's probably a good idea for me to start my prenatal vitamins now.

I started cleaning out my closet last night of undesirables - just like Eminem but no murder fantasies! I FIT IN MY SKINNY JEANS! Ladies Love Their Skinny Jeans. Skinny Jeans are jeans that a lady fits in at her most skinniest. They sit in the closet collecting dust, not being thrown out because that means you've given up hope on getting back in those pants. I've been exercising regularly for the first time in years, and trying to eat super healthy so that's why they are back.

I remember buying these jeans. I had just lost 30 pounds and the year was 2004. The weight loss was from post-breakup post-not-returning-to-law-school depression. I had 30 pounds to lose cause it was after 4 years of college, and one year of law school - the most sedentary slothy year of my life. I sat around and read books and made carby home made dinners with my 6'5" hungryman boyfriend. I'm 5'6" and was at 145. So anyways, when I lost the weight I didn't realize how dramatic it was, but was curious about trying on new pants. I went from size 10 pants to these jeans that are on me right now! Size 3 Levis. I love these levis. They are probably stretched a little from wear. But they are on me. OMG SKINNY JEANS. I JUST WANNA WATCH THAT SEX N THE CITY MOVIE I AM GONNA BUST A NUT IF I CANT WATCH THAT MOVIE SOON. CARRIE, SHOES RAWRAWR. THEY ARE TEH AWESEOM FANCY SLUTS Uff If only what really happens in the movie is they all get rabies and stab each other and eat each other's fleshes. In cute outfits, natch ...

Speaking of me being a total fag about stuff, I am rocking out to the most amazing suckfest ever. At work we get some free cds from labels. And I got my hands on the 2 disc BUZZ BALADS! Including all this bullshitty stuff that was always on the radio in high school. But I don't drive anymore or listen to the radio! So now it's a nice treat. Right now it's Toad the Wet Sprocket. Next is 3EB and Verve Pipe. I AM ENJOY FOR IT.

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