Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Country For Old Men

I finally saw this beautiful movie last night, and I didn't love it.

I was so impressed by the dialogue - really understanding how a cowboy talks, saying stuff like "any swinging dick." The ordinary words these otherwise ordinary characters are using are ballsier and always interesting.

Brolin did a great job. Oscar snub indeed.

Visually, No Country For Old Men showed stunningly gorgeous openness, the earth, the men, all the natural colors. Dirt and road became absolute art.

I loved these men.

The Coen brothers' greatest skill is taking you into another world of people. They did that well.

What I didn't love was the reluctance to cut. Tommy Lee's monologues were central to meaning - but at moments they just sucked to listen to and follow. We could get the idea, feeling and meaning from more of the silence - and visually the message was consistent throughout. These meandering moments were boring, and took away from the overall intensity of the picture. Should have been tighter. They softened the impact where the body of work was gripping for the most part.

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