Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Best 20 Bucks I Ever Spent Maybe

(perhaps my best 20 bucks was spent on necessary medications and those sorts of things, i am a reasonable person)

Dude. Last night's Sigur Ros show at MOMA was 20 bucks. It was at a small, lovely space. There was free open bar. With Grolsh flippy top beers. And free posters made especially for the show. And ... um ... they played for like an HOUR AND A HALF. And they played wonderfully. And they played the songs I wanted to hear. And so I think sometimes I live a pretty charmed life and am pretty damn lucky to be able to have these kinds of experiences.

- Integrity. This band has lots of it.
- Pain. Wow, this is some orgasmic "i'm on the edge" music, and damn they are all into it. Pretty serious most of the time. Intense.
- The only time all of them smiled was while playing Gobbledigook, because it's so fun it can't be denied. Not that them not smiling took away from anything. Like I said, they all seemed to be orgasming.
- Lots of fun extras! It was Icelandic Independence Day and they played the national anthem, there was a marching band that came in, they shot confetti into the crowd.
- They are my favorite when the drums are engaged. I can feel it harder.
- The singer was kinda hot even though he dressed like a bird who is a member of an old timey militia.
- He is playing his guitar with a bow! Many of the hairs are ripped. This does not negatively impact the performance.
- Must do some googling. Want to find out what they are singing about ...

Man. Some people really know how to create a positive experience. Not Josh Homme.

some not very good quality video from last night ...

Se Lest
Ny Batt
Vid Spilum Endalaust
Olsen Olsen
Inni Mer Syngur
All Right

more pictures

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