Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ok, so now that Obama is the Democratic Nominee

I feel cheated as a woman, that this is the year of Obama.
Hillary is so qualified and deserving of the Presidency and she would serve us well.
Obama is the nominee
and Obama is interesting, and far different from anything this country has seen in a presidential candidate. It's cool that he's black. That's the coolest thing about him really, because he symbolizes social progress. I also think it's interesting that we have a candidate who openly admitted in a memoir that he has used pot and coke. He is human, flawed, and from a modest background marked by his extraordinary achievements.
I don't think he's better and more amazing than Hillary. So that's why it hurts as a women. Mediocre men out-do us all the time. Not that Obama is mediocre - this just feels similar.

But I like what he stands for and he seems to be a good guy.
Lackluster when you compare him to Hillary, and to me less exciting than other black political figures, but ok. The reason I use words like "lackluster" is because I feel like I am being fed a lot of hype, and I don't buy hype and pretty speaches. That's not what will sell me on him.

We do need to vote for Obama, even though I like McCain, because McCain isn't going to be able to flush out the executive branch with new staff. He'll have to keep the same bastards there.

We need to have Obama step in and bring all new people in to run the government. So even if you like McCain and are disappointed by Hillary's loss - you have to vote for Obama if you want anything to change.

Hopefully Hillary will at least be VP. It would be extremely insulting if she wasn't. The woman deserves it.

A video of incredible, amazing office destruction. It gets more amazing as you watch it.

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