Monday, June 02, 2008


I'm down with OPB
Other People's Brilliance yo

here's some:
"Barack Obama is married to Michelle Obama (nee Robinson), with whom he has five children: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy." - Obama Dikipedia entry

"Feast your eyes on the Absinthe Gummi Bear, the final word in alcoholic confectionary bears." - Urban Daddy on Tailor's new Absinthe Gummy Bear

Brilliant activity
Fight Club in Union Square

Brilliant Blogging - Kanye West

I read his blog everyday. He always posts cool design stuff. Sometimes he says funny things.

Brilliant Face Replication
Young Jon Voight looks just like daughter Angelina Jolie

Justin Theroux's Brilliant Body:
- from Six Feet Under
- from Muse - Hysteria

Brilliant [adult swim] moments

Brilliant Copy
"... We now understand the very biology that drives cancer. With knowledge gained from the mapping of the human genome, we can now target the genes and pathways that are involved in turning normal cells into cancerous ones. We are on the brink of possessing a toolbox full of new, advanced technologies just waiting to be adapted to benefit patients. Right before us, so close we can almost touch them, are scientific breakthroughs in the prevention, detection, treatment and even reversal of this disease..."
Standup 2 Cancer - the mission statement on this web site is some of the best copy I've read in quite some time. And it makes you wanna give money to help stop the bad cancers. They're, uh, pretty bad.

Simple, and of course
Om Nom Nom photos

WALE and Justice ... ok, so I'm not tired of hearing this song

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