Tuesday, July 15, 2008

fixing the internet

Internet Positives:
- Learning and discovery
- Advancement of culture
- Very free speech
- Empowering to the masses
- Encourages new forms of creative expression
- Forum for connections
- Instant access to answers
- Time saving and efficient, solves many logistical problems
- Easy to track, record, and save information

Internet Negatives:
- Ambiguity
- Ability to highlight mistakes and human flaw
- Disconnect of meaning and intention from action
- Increased visibility, decreased privacy
- Sometimes too powerful and too permanent, too available during moments of impulse, once fed to the internet, they live forever
- Obsessive behavior - feeds a hunger for constant change and updating of information
- Enables abuse for criminal or harmful means
- Depersonalizing
- Annoyance, Interference, and Interruption from internet, blackberries, etc
- Massive variety and infinite availability of data and content creates a fuzzy, distracted mind
- Information about others readily available
- Information easily winds up in the wrong hands
- Too much surveillance

What could be done to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives?
Where can we hide and how can we hide when we really ought to?

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