Monday, July 28, 2008

I am a Brunello

at 17 In a wine shop in Montalcino
the woman told us about the wine that sells for 500 dollars a bottle in new york city restaurants that is the finest red wine in all of italy and only a couple hundred bottles are made each year
the brunello
and it has a story
and women are like wine
even box wine is drinkable
and so i bet he can get his chubby chubby
from the Franzia in the fridge
but i am the brunello
isn't that right?
i would not be so cheap and hollywood as the bottle of dom
but the refined rare amazing wonderful thing, right?
yes I am the brunello
that is what i have to tell myself
have to
so that i can pretend away jealousy
and pretend away fear
because oh my god i am all that, girl.
with the pretty in the mirror
and the makes you laugh
and the things i did to impress you
and have you seen my funny pictures?
oh yes I can do everything
and sing
I am the brunello
oh yes yes GURL you know it
and every man knows how to treat me right
like the fine wine i am
and i have all that i will ever deserve
while i am at it
tell myself
my tits are perfect

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