Saturday, July 05, 2008

Notes on Sonic Youth Concert

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Kim Gordon forgot lyrics to Drunken Butterfly - so she just stops and tells Thurston she loves him and they kiss and it's all cute and silly ...

Thurston Moore is really funny with his comments. And he has perfect rockstar floppy hair that's magically made for headbanging. And he has great posture for a tall dude. Kinda powerful to be so tall and towering while you destroy a guitar. He went into the crowd and smashed his guitar around. People like that.

Kim Gordon is so cool. When I watch her dance around and kick ass, I fantasize that I am her. Her voice sounds like breathy orgasm. That's a good way for a woman to make her voice sound when doing rock vocals.

Dude. That drummer. He does very good things.

sonic youth battery park picnicing with long fork
We had picnicing! Thanks to Maya for her potato salad efforts - there was bacon in there! And watermelons.

The sound quality was great no matter where you were or how far away. Much better than at McCarren.

Bull in the Heather is my favorite Sonic Youth song. They wrote it about me cause I always have Bull in me, am pretty sure. Remember seeing this music video on MTV in 7th grade ... bought album, taped the square cards that came with the CD along the top of my wall.

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