Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm in TV Guide This Week!

Pick up a copy of TV Guide Magazine now (Sept 1-7 with The Hills on the cover) and you'll see a shout out and photo from my Gossip Girl Spoof! Thanks TV Guide!!!


left to right:
Doug Mand, Heather Fink, Adam Good, Sara Benincasa

Someone else's video to watch: Snapple Facts

Love it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NEW VIDEO: Gossip Girl Season 1 Alternate Ending UPDATE - REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE :(

Because Serena killed someone.

Here is part of the original scene (it does make more sense if you watch the whole episode, which you can watch here):

Written/Directed by Heather Fink
Chuck - Brian Faas
Serena - Heather Fink
Nate - Adam Good
Blair - Sara Benincasa
Rick - Rick Shapiro
Regina - Sara Copeland

Camera - Dan Zimmer
Editor - Ed Mundy
Producer - Frank Hejl

PAs -
Stephen Fagen, Annemarie Moerl
Locations - Mandate of Heaven Clothing, Tracy DeMarzo

Original Music from Wine Is Thicker Than Blood

xoxo Gossip Girl premieres Sept 1st!

OMG Jews!

I want to give my all to work right now, and to my friends, and to my personal situations, and to adjusting back in the city.

There is so much I want to share with you about my trip so just gimmie a moment and it'll all come out.

yaffa at night

Here I am with my 3 friends from home who joined me, Neil, Stephen and Evan. I was so lucky to have them with me, and I really genuinely loved the new friends I made on the trip too. I went because it was a free trip provided by Birthright Mayanot, my daddy is Jewish, my mommy is a Dutch woman who decorates Christmas trees sometimes.

Once again I fell in love with Israel and the Jews and am so happy to have had this experience.

Even more photos here

Quick update - my show in Hoboken tomorrow is cancelled and will be rescheduled for Sept or Oct.

Here's some songs I'm into right now:


I feel lucky, and the only way I can justify receiving so much goodness in life is by realizing I have an obligation to work as hard as I can to give as much as I can to deserve it all. That's the only way I can be comfortable with how great life has been to me lately. It sounds weird, right? To be able to openly say - holy shit I am loving this! I'm not sure what to make of that, the only thing I know is that I know how to be grateful, and I know that I can try my best to give back, so that seems to make sense.

In the meantime, I'd like you to tell me - what did I miss!? What songs came out? What stupid gossip about famous people?! Did you get new jobs or touch interesting and different private parts? Tell me tell me!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

in the negev

The desert at night
The Negev

trying to not hear
tune out the sounds of the people
that are with me
love them but enjoy leaving them
hear only one thing
the soft air
dark night
open warm air
open space
i can breathe
and when i breathe i escape

there's a full moon tonight
thank you for being so pretty

i love you moment

there's a bonfire
with all the things you can love of fire
destroy some sticks
hear the crackle
melting marshmallow
the sound of beautiful voice
singing and playing music by the fire
i'm nearly naked in a cotton wrap after a shower
so i feel that air
and that fire

and at any moment it's ok
to just run off and disappear

and this is israel
did you see the nuclear testing facility off in the distance?
now it's time to sleep
in the bedouin tents
i've clearly never been here before

smoke the hookah
go to sleep

Sunday, August 24, 2008

oh hey i'm back israel was amazingawesome
time to take a nap

ok - back
photos from israel

Monday, August 11, 2008

Today I go to Israel

Be back August 24th.
By 2pm today I will be cutting off telephone and internet for 2 weeks. Not bringing laptop and not renting cellphone. Yay!!!

When I get back I'm doing a couple shows, including one in Hoboken. Check out the dates if you like.

This weekend I quite enjoyed the Del Close Marathon and 88 Boadrums. I actually prefer the partying at Del Close to the shows. I have a very hard time watching and paying attention in big crowds with all the distraction. But I still recommend people go see it. There's a lot of frenzied excitement and very special guests. Like Brooke Shields. Why not? Perhaps you want to have a nice viewing of my photos to see some of the sights.

"Think Different" was selected for the DC Comedy Fest this weekend.

Changes in the Meat:
My show Street Meat has changed a bit. The next show is Monday Sept 8. There is a new co-host, Rob Lathan. I met Rob when I did my very first standup shows at the Variety Underground show back in 2005. He always did different characters and he still does delightful character work. I'm really excited to bring him on Street Meat! Adam Newman is still a part of the show. He has a permanent standup spot, so he's not gone away!

I like Women's toolbelts and hardhats. Makes me want to build.

This outfit designed by the Japanese brand by Hiroshi Fujiwara and the creative director of SOPHNET. and F.C.R.B. Hirofumi Kiyonaga.
I normally don't like primary colors like this in fashion, especially not in menswear, but the way they are used here, as a hint, really works and doesn't interfere with the masculinity of the wearer. I think it's sharp and clever.

Friend and talented person Trevor Williams is in this Less Than Jake music video!

Friend and talented person Christos and his band Wine is Thicker Than Blood have a song in the latest Gossip Girl promo video! It's called "Sleep Parade." Listen to them.

buckcherry is one of those things i cant help but be firmly judgmental about
if you like it i will think about you differently like maybe you can't be trusted or maybe you really aren't such a good person
i'm sorry
it's not ok never ever will it be

I have enjoyed milkshakes in my life
I used to like the way my dad made them
I don't think I quite understand
why we would ever drink ice cream

Ok, now I go. Please watch this over and over and over again:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Shirt 2008 - 2008

ooh its bumpy

I remember when I bought you, I was so surprised to see you on the sale rack for only 5 dollars
Saturday was the last time we were together
and Saturday was when I lost you
long sleeved black and white plaid shirt
that was the first day I ever noticed your small lavender stripes
life is funny like that sometimes
RIP shirt
you were so versatile

David Wain's New Movie Trailer!

Role Models Trailer

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


there's just so many meaningless particles in this infinite
the universe keeps telling us that we matter


"Ben" by Michael Jackson is probably the creepiest song ever.
At first you hear Michael's young voice and hear the lyrics and think, man, this is one gay song.
But it's not about some weird gay childhood friendship thing. It's actually about a boy's love for a rat.
It's from the 1972 movie "Ben" about a little boy who loves a rat.
It also sounds really cool.

Ok computer, you just downloaded the 4 volumes of Air's Deck Safari. Time to listen and get to work.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ok so the Batman movie was spectacular.

Finally saw it in IMAX.

I loved it on many levels and I am a stuck up bitch who thinks she's too fancy for chinese takeout.

1- It gave me hope and happiness to think about how director Chris Nolan came to make this movie after making indies like Memento. Which means here is a man with distinct vision and talent who made the movies he wanted to make, and who was eventually trusted with massive movie budgets to just let it all out and make exactly the movie he wanted.

2- Heath Ledger as the joker - excellent. Because it's really difficult to make something like that work. I thought maybe Johnny Depp could play that too, but he's too pretty. Ledger looks like the degenerate he needed to be.

3- Christian Bale. He is a sexy and talented man. But he shined more in Batman Begins because it gave him more to work with considering it was mostly about him dealing with his personal demons.

4- Maggie - UGH the girl part in the past two batman movies has been lame and forgettable. The women of Burton Batmans were much more interesting and enjoyable.

5- Chaos and anarchy are poisonous. Joker managed to create constant states of Chaos when he messed with people - anything you thought had meaning was stripped away. Order and meaning are needed to some extent for people to be happy. Society ought be meaningful.

6- Aaron Eckhart was great too. Loved his storyline - but I thought he went bad all too easily.

UnNecessary Censorship is very funny

Friday, August 01, 2008

yet another reason why the world is sexist

american apparel ads
men get sweet ass after boobs after camel toe repeatedly

all curled up with a can of spray cheese

I say this:
It takes a lot of strength in life to do the right thing.
Sometimes it's remarkable what life asks of you.
And if you don't question what the the right thing is, you are probably weak.

BTW Is that really where grills come from?

Don't ask me how but on Monday night I managed to tell an Italian waiter to "go back to Italy" and I swear to god that wasn't what I meant. Oooops.

I laugh about this:
Being such a freakin girly girl talking on the phone to boys and doing extreme and crazy things and then realizing they are crazy and then wearing heels and then marching around and then buying dresses and getting sexually propositioned by orthodox men. Because that happened on Tuesday night on the streets of Williamsburg. A man with the curls pulled up to me and gestured as such. I was wearing a kneelength skirt and heels and talking on my blackberry. He thought I was a prostitute.

BTW Who is John Galt? Well he has a wikipedia, so there you go.

alumni dinner elitists at buddakan
It's easy to forget pieces of the life you have lived. On Wednesday night I went to this kickass fancy alumni dinner at Buddakan and they gave us like everything on the freakin menu and all free drinks n stuff. All I could do was raise my glass to toast my friends and say "private school yayyyy." Before you criticize my elitism, just accept it. It was kind of cool and fun to be a part of that. People find resourceful ways to enjoy life and make it seem special.

xx chromos
Speaking of elitism, last night I had fun being a part of a clan of untouchables. I went out with a Mandate of Heaven posse - that's a group of girls dressed in clothes designed by my friend Carissa. They tend to be hotties, and bars and clubs ask her to bring her girls out and offer free drinks because it makes the place look like it has hot chicks at it. Stupid as that may be, it's fun to be a part of. When you walk around in her sexy designs with this hot chick group, people stare at you like you are a mythical beast. To be on the receiving end of that kind of attention is hilarious - why? Because it's so stupid! Because I am the one with the mind inside. And maybe I've just farted. Mythical beasts don't fart.