Friday, August 01, 2008

all curled up with a can of spray cheese

I say this:
It takes a lot of strength in life to do the right thing.
Sometimes it's remarkable what life asks of you.
And if you don't question what the the right thing is, you are probably weak.

BTW Is that really where grills come from?

Don't ask me how but on Monday night I managed to tell an Italian waiter to "go back to Italy" and I swear to god that wasn't what I meant. Oooops.

I laugh about this:
Being such a freakin girly girl talking on the phone to boys and doing extreme and crazy things and then realizing they are crazy and then wearing heels and then marching around and then buying dresses and getting sexually propositioned by orthodox men. Because that happened on Tuesday night on the streets of Williamsburg. A man with the curls pulled up to me and gestured as such. I was wearing a kneelength skirt and heels and talking on my blackberry. He thought I was a prostitute.

BTW Who is John Galt? Well he has a wikipedia, so there you go.

alumni dinner elitists at buddakan
It's easy to forget pieces of the life you have lived. On Wednesday night I went to this kickass fancy alumni dinner at Buddakan and they gave us like everything on the freakin menu and all free drinks n stuff. All I could do was raise my glass to toast my friends and say "private school yayyyy." Before you criticize my elitism, just accept it. It was kind of cool and fun to be a part of that. People find resourceful ways to enjoy life and make it seem special.

xx chromos
Speaking of elitism, last night I had fun being a part of a clan of untouchables. I went out with a Mandate of Heaven posse - that's a group of girls dressed in clothes designed by my friend Carissa. They tend to be hotties, and bars and clubs ask her to bring her girls out and offer free drinks because it makes the place look like it has hot chicks at it. Stupid as that may be, it's fun to be a part of. When you walk around in her sexy designs with this hot chick group, people stare at you like you are a mythical beast. To be on the receiving end of that kind of attention is hilarious - why? Because it's so stupid! Because I am the one with the mind inside. And maybe I've just farted. Mythical beasts don't fart.

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