Monday, August 25, 2008

in the negev

The desert at night
The Negev

trying to not hear
tune out the sounds of the people
that are with me
love them but enjoy leaving them
hear only one thing
the soft air
dark night
open warm air
open space
i can breathe
and when i breathe i escape

there's a full moon tonight
thank you for being so pretty

i love you moment

there's a bonfire
with all the things you can love of fire
destroy some sticks
hear the crackle
melting marshmallow
the sound of beautiful voice
singing and playing music by the fire
i'm nearly naked in a cotton wrap after a shower
so i feel that air
and that fire

and at any moment it's ok
to just run off and disappear

and this is israel
did you see the nuclear testing facility off in the distance?
now it's time to sleep
in the bedouin tents
i've clearly never been here before

smoke the hookah
go to sleep

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