Monday, August 04, 2008

Ok so the Batman movie was spectacular.

Finally saw it in IMAX.

I loved it on many levels and I am a stuck up bitch who thinks she's too fancy for chinese takeout.

1- It gave me hope and happiness to think about how director Chris Nolan came to make this movie after making indies like Memento. Which means here is a man with distinct vision and talent who made the movies he wanted to make, and who was eventually trusted with massive movie budgets to just let it all out and make exactly the movie he wanted.

2- Heath Ledger as the joker - excellent. Because it's really difficult to make something like that work. I thought maybe Johnny Depp could play that too, but he's too pretty. Ledger looks like the degenerate he needed to be.

3- Christian Bale. He is a sexy and talented man. But he shined more in Batman Begins because it gave him more to work with considering it was mostly about him dealing with his personal demons.

4- Maggie - UGH the girl part in the past two batman movies has been lame and forgettable. The women of Burton Batmans were much more interesting and enjoyable.

5- Chaos and anarchy are poisonous. Joker managed to create constant states of Chaos when he messed with people - anything you thought had meaning was stripped away. Order and meaning are needed to some extent for people to be happy. Society ought be meaningful.

6- Aaron Eckhart was great too. Loved his storyline - but I thought he went bad all too easily.

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