Monday, August 11, 2008

Today I go to Israel

Be back August 24th.
By 2pm today I will be cutting off telephone and internet for 2 weeks. Not bringing laptop and not renting cellphone. Yay!!!

When I get back I'm doing a couple shows, including one in Hoboken. Check out the dates if you like.

This weekend I quite enjoyed the Del Close Marathon and 88 Boadrums. I actually prefer the partying at Del Close to the shows. I have a very hard time watching and paying attention in big crowds with all the distraction. But I still recommend people go see it. There's a lot of frenzied excitement and very special guests. Like Brooke Shields. Why not? Perhaps you want to have a nice viewing of my photos to see some of the sights.

"Think Different" was selected for the DC Comedy Fest this weekend.

Changes in the Meat:
My show Street Meat has changed a bit. The next show is Monday Sept 8. There is a new co-host, Rob Lathan. I met Rob when I did my very first standup shows at the Variety Underground show back in 2005. He always did different characters and he still does delightful character work. I'm really excited to bring him on Street Meat! Adam Newman is still a part of the show. He has a permanent standup spot, so he's not gone away!

I like Women's toolbelts and hardhats. Makes me want to build.

This outfit designed by the Japanese brand by Hiroshi Fujiwara and the creative director of SOPHNET. and F.C.R.B. Hirofumi Kiyonaga.
I normally don't like primary colors like this in fashion, especially not in menswear, but the way they are used here, as a hint, really works and doesn't interfere with the masculinity of the wearer. I think it's sharp and clever.

Friend and talented person Trevor Williams is in this Less Than Jake music video!

Friend and talented person Christos and his band Wine is Thicker Than Blood have a song in the latest Gossip Girl promo video! It's called "Sleep Parade." Listen to them.

buckcherry is one of those things i cant help but be firmly judgmental about
if you like it i will think about you differently like maybe you can't be trusted or maybe you really aren't such a good person
i'm sorry
it's not ok never ever will it be

I have enjoyed milkshakes in my life
I used to like the way my dad made them
I don't think I quite understand
why we would ever drink ice cream

Ok, now I go. Please watch this over and over and over again:

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