Thursday, September 25, 2008

Before I can even form an opinion on Economic Bailout - I need this:

Someone needs to tell me, point blank, in black and white
1) What has gone wrong
2) What bad things will come of it - STEP BY STEP what may likely happen next, and multiple scenarios that could play out
3) What bad things have already come of it, with evidence, from various economic perspectives

We all get kept in the dark.
We can be left to draw conclusions, or consume the headlines and conclusions of others
but we are the pawns of the media and the media are pawns of strategists and propagandists and emotion
and pawns of ratings and cash monies

A truly wonderful democratic government would walk us through these steps so we could understand, and great minds from all walks of life could step forth with ideas and solutions.

All we know now are vague statements like 'the market is crashing', 'subprime mortages', 'the next great depression'
ok ok ok
calm down people - how? How will this play out? We can figure it out and come up with better ways to prevent it than giving some shit companies a really big check. (that would be called panicking and doing something because you can't think of a real solution)

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