Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Good Thing About Palin

Listen, I was a big time Hillary supporter, and I'm not that crazy about Obama (because I need more than great speeches to believe in somebody). But I'm still going to vote for him - because all politicians and governments are flawed and I at least need to: 1) support a regime change, 2) make sure that like-minded Supreme Court Justices are appointed during the next administration, and 3) vote for someone with basic like-minded ideals, ideals that apply to modern society. Go Obama.

the good thing about Palin is that she's a winner in the war of ideas. The idea of a female leader has become more natural - with both Palin and Clinton as political figures in this year's presidential election.

Palin is very different than Clinton, real and strong in her own ways. I don't agree with her views and actions, but perhaps they work well in smalltown Alaska. Either way, people are excited by her, and they were excited by H Clinton. At least we are experiencing new ideas about women as leaders.

Women Against Sarah Palin

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