Monday, September 22, 2008

Cinnamon is an excellent meat spice and should be used more often especially in balled meats

Think about a good place where you can draw a wiener on a seat with a sharpie. There are no wrong answers. Ok, now move on.

Tonight I perform in Williamsburg. Good lineup so it should be a good show too ... yes.

I saw a Yankees game Friday night. Yankees are handsome.
Handsome Yankees!

Lou Gehrig was handsome. So are A-Rod and Jeter even though they aren't my style. Johnny Damon has a nice quality to his appearance as well.

And same for Carl Pavano. He is so handsome it is completely fucked up and it makes me feel nausea.

I mean really holy shit what is that thing? Is that a human man who looks hot as fuck and throws balls really well? Does he really exist and could I, in this universe, touch that man? Sorry for the swearing it's un lady like.

Time to be a lady. Heyyyy so I like to carry my purse pocket book ... yeahhhhh!

From the NY Post:
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"Throughout the business, there are signs posted stating that there is no sex allowed ... "When I work late, 'til 11 or midnight, I hear slapping and screaming, like whack, followed by ahh!" said freelance photographer Martin Crock, whose studio is on the floor above the pain palace ... Marie Santiago, who used to be the superintendent of a Staten Island building where Reeve lived for several years, called him a "freak."

"When they left, we found out they were total freaks. We found videos of him and people playing with people dressed up as dinosaurs," she said.

That was funny, and this isn't. Some people have romanticized the idea of prostitution. Just a little reminder that human trafficking and the sex trade are extremely fucked up. It's rarely some interesting character you might meet in a movie. It's a real woman whose life is a big horrible cum stain. If you want to support women who are victims of abuse and domestic violence, why not give some money to Rainn or Safe Horizon? I know with safe horizon you can simply sign up online to automatically give 10 bucks a month - very easy to afford.

Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man's "Out of Season" from 2003 is a crazy good album, and here are 4 songs from that album:

Discover !

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