Thursday, September 11, 2008

My pants are too tight in the crotch

so if you see me today you'll know why I'm slightly on edge.



On the israel trip
stephen made me laugh a lot
when he said in a botched Israeli accent
"Our band is called Ghh-oldplay, we are Israel's Coldplay, we are very good"

Anus Madness is the name of a ringtone my company makes.

How Not to Hit on Models
Neel: This place is so dead.
Janelle: Are you serious? It's packed, I can't even get a drink.
Neel: Whatever. Do you want to go back to my place? I have a loft in Tribeca.
Janelle: Are you serious?
Neel: Yes.
Janelle: I'll pass.

Skinny models
I haven't been able to look at skinny people the same way ever since I visited the Holocaust museum in Israel.

But seriously folks,
Starving your body is just fucking ugly and wrong. People are trying so hard just to end up looking stupid, like when I see someone smoking a cigarette, they just look stupid. But when I see an anorexic, it's stupid and sad. Eat healthy foods and exercise, trust me it's a good idea.

Beautiful songs:

Blizzard of 77 by Nada Surf
And the new Jesu tracks from "why we are not perfect"

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