Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scary Gross Racists Disgrace My Home :(

I'm really upset about this racist who is infiltrating my home town of Roxbury, NJ. It is a beautiful place full of great people and I loved growing up there.

I started googling about it and I found out that these people exist:
Alex Charmichael a lawyer from NJ who started this racist group called the League of American Patriots
this guy, William White
Who looks like this!

in his photo series about how he hates mexicans.
They say a wide variety of infuriating and unintelligent things.

My instinctual urge is to find these people and rip their heads off. Seriously, testosterone is building inside me and I feel anger and a swell of emotions that motivate me to want to show up on these fuckers doorsteps and put them in their pathetic, unintellgent, middle aged un accomplished white dudes' place.

Of course they are proud of being white - they have NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF so they have to come up with some reason. Anyone who is proud about their race - who takes the time and brain cells to pick out something so general and non-specific and invent reasons for its superiority

Anyone who sits around dwelling on ideas about other people's differences and thinking about how much better they think they are long enough to actually become racist and feel threatened in an important way about people from other races - lacks intelligence - and yes - unequivocally - THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG. ALL OF IT. LIFE. RACISTS SUCK AT LIFE.

Sure. I will make race related and insensitive jokes - because I feel that you need to discuss real things about society in the dialog of humor - that's healthy and good - especially when it comes to thinking about how people are different. So trust me I am not some uptight girl. And I know the difference between jokes and real racism. And I'm not saying it's all black and white and cut and dry because it isn't.

But there are people who are full of hate. It is so easy to get upset by these people. But it isn't healthy to find them and rip their heads off. It isn't healthy to pee on their mailboxes or mail raw meat to their houses as I would totally love to do - because then you get wrapped up in their hate and it feeds into you like the pink slime in Ghostbusters 2.

You just have to make sure that in your life, you are great. That's the best defense against evil - you personally take responsibility for as much goodness as you can muster. Just be great - to the world, yourself, and others - and your greatness will surpass any efforts of disgusting losers.

PS- The guys I write about here - Alex and his group, posted flyers around my town saying "who wants a black president" and it says bad stuff about black people.
I just want a good president. Why would you ask me if they are black or white?

Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and many other heterosexual Christian white males are horrible - but does that mean I don't think a white president would be ok? No. I liked Bill Clinton.

How about just a good president? The one we have right now is white, and he destroyed our country's economy among other such atrocities. So, um. FAIL. That guy failed with his posters and his question because it's not only stupid but it's unsuccessful at winning over the minds of others.

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