Monday, September 15, 2008

Shows in September and other words/image stuffs

- Mon 9/15 @ 8:30: STANDUP - Comedy Dungeon, 36 W. 106 ST. @ CPW, Free
- Weds 9/17 @ 9:30: GUEST (doing a bit made just for this show) 12 Angry Mascots w/Neil Janowitz, UCB Theatre, 307 W 26th, $5
- Sat 9/20 @ midnight: STANDUP Very Fresh w/Olde English, UCB Theatre, 307 W 26th, $5
- Mon 9/22 @ 8pm: STANDUP (in Williamsburg), Hit the Bricks, Trash Bar, 256 Grand St, open bar 8-9pm w/$7 admission

(notice the change for Saturday's show, I will be doing standup, not a bit)

I think I'm going to do standup more infrequently, and I'm not going to really write new standup unless something really strikes me. I'd rather place new jokes and concepts in videos. What's a specific goal with this here comedy stuff? Glad you asked. Most of all, I'd like to be a writer/performer in a tv sketch comedy show.

I'm getting a lil semi-bone for all this camera equipment lately ... nothing brings me greater joy at this junction in my life to be able to do shoot what I want. Getting ready to shoot some new stuff in a couple weeks.

Weekend highlights? Yes, I have some.

Thurston Moore at Fender Jazzmaster 50th Anniversary - one of the rawest, most sexual, honest, personal musical moments I've seen. He just got so into the guitar, completely entranced, just putting himself into it - playing with the sound and with Sonic Youth bandmate Ranaldo ... I've got so much respect for this man as an artist.

Saw Burn After Reading. It's great. Not like - omg my new favorite- but it's excellent because I've never seen a screenplay quite like that. It's a completely original and fresh take on comedy. The character play is wonderful. It's almost clownish/vaudvillian at moments. Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, and John Malchovich are really something else. Go Coen Brothers!

By the way:
I think Sara Benincasa does the funniest Sarah Palin of all ...

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