Friday, October 31, 2008

one of the world's most sensual, exotic and sexy male heartthrobs

to be left alone
sometimes I want just that
and it's scary to admit or say out loud
because then someone might say
"what's wrong"
nothing's wrong and there's nothing to be worried about
just the intense sensation
pulling inside me
sucking in my guts
that does not want
does not want to engage

stop the wheels
use a chuck
no responsibilities
no ambitions
no forward motions
complete empty space
and no connection to anyone else

everything is fine
and I want you here
you world
I just want to cuddle in a moment of frozen time
and then you can touch me again

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wouldn't it be great if

cops tackled one of these celebrating people Terry Tate style?
It makes the video more fun if you imagine it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm an MTV VJ!

dude. dude. dude. seriously
new MTV Music site = unreal
all obscure embeddable videos I can't even take it

Here's my VJing today, and it's all 90s, a throwback to when watching videos on the mtv was nuthin but pleasure.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Last night when I was lying in bed I found myself afraid of ghosts. For the most part, I don't think about ghosts. But every now and then it occurs to me that they might exist and I'm alone and it's dark and maybe the ghosts know I am thinking about them and they could definitely come out. I was also reading about the Poltergeist curse and it got me especially scared. Poltergeist is the scariest movie ever. Kane is a terrifying man. I really hope they don't come into the internet and see that I am talking about them. Because that's what they might do. Especially if they do something like make Poltergeist 2000. They would definitely come into cyberspace and there'd be a lot of hilarious references to facebook, making it very terrifying and relateable to your world because you use facebook and facebook jokes and references are a good way to connect to modern day audiences.

this is not good

Has your cousin been on the 90210?

Here's my cousin, musician Jesse Fischer, on the Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson:

He's the guy playing keyboard on the right.

Tomorrow night, he'll be on 90210 with his band Little Jackie (though you can see his main project, Soul Cycle, here). That's right. My cousin's gonna be on 90210. And he's a good dude.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Last night @ CMJ

So CMJ is this musical fesitival in NYC and cause of my work I have badges and have been going to shows.

Last night I enjoyed the free CMJ tickets to Spring Awakening with my BFF Stephen. Before the show we had chicken at this midtown suckfest of a restaurant and it blowed.

Then we see the musical, and let me tell you - I do not like me some musicals. I don't know how people like these obnoxious little bastards singing in their overdramatic way. Music sounded pretty enough but man that was some unoriginal nonsense and it's mad contrived. And all that stuff about sex was just too out of date and a cheap way to be provocative. We left after the first act to see some shows.

At Bowery Ballroom the act Chester French sounded alright but the lead singer was this awful little brat who gave off this high school kid trying to be cool vibe. Swearing is fucking great but you can't misuse that shit.

Then there was a horrible beast woman at the door of Mercury Lounge. She poops parties and is party pooper. Pianos was too crowded for listening pleasure, Cake Shop was too warm.

So we decided, let's go to my place and watch the Sex and the City Movie.

If the Sex in the City Movie is what being a woman is all about then somebody please rip my ovaries out right now. Sex in the City the tv show focused on some dating situations that I could relate to, and it showcased my city in a really fun way, and at the time, it was very fashionable and good about noticing trends. That's not the case in the movie, so all you're left with is those awful, deplorable, idiotic, shallow characters, and these uncharismatic actresses living out the worst nightmare of what women can be.

Holy fuck! Let's shop and drink vodka cocktails!

And these bitches do not know how to party. They don't. It's awful. What do they do? Buy expensive shit at different places and then TALK? Cause that's all they do. They talk about stuff, make puns, and say oh my god. And when they aren't doing that they cry about guys. Ok enough.

BUT I had a great time. Stephen was able to make fun of all that stupid bullshit, and share with me a muffled laugh at the musical when the young girl sang about her daddy beating her. And even though the fun of the night was making fun of stuff, we didn't feel negative because we enjoyed each other.

PS - I did get a little melty at the Sex City Movie when the dude proposed and said stuff like I love you. So I will admit the one and only universal chord I share with these chicks is that I will melt at the I Love You, and I do fantasize about a wedding and the dress. Though I shiver in fear at the thought of what happens after the wedding, I fantasize about all that romantic stuff just like the girl I am.

PPS- I had a lot of fun and enjoyed CMJ shows on Wednesday. I'm not entirely jaded. Only mostly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

@ cmj all week (for work)

there's tacos here
and big tittied bass players

so they are moderate in size but
there's tacos.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is my new boyfriend
Nobody can take our love away
He throws stuff at my nippels whenever I feel down in the dumps
He knows a lot of stuff like about how to properl check air pressure in your bike tires
He always wants me to examine his skin for irregularities
He's really quirky like that
I love him a lot.

One time he kicked over the coffee table and I didn't know why he was doing that
he changed the subject and we just started eating dinner
we soon got to watching Animal Planet
it was awesome

fist in the air!

He calls Palin a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminists in America!
Like feminists are a bad thing
I mean
It's like saying, this person is great because they speak against those liberal civil rights supporters ....
Ugh gughghghh I'm choking on it

goddamn it my womany woman shit is like way fired up bigtime moreso!

Friday, October 17, 2008

no bullshit melons in my salad

lord knows when you get a fruit salad, you don't want that salad cup filled all the high hell to the brim with the melons
the melons are cheap and rarely full of flavor
they are ripping you off
i want my cantalope from a farm stand, and i want it in a slice
same for my honey dew
don't fuck around with me

Monday, October 13, 2008

On Palin Porn

Nailin Paylin - which features Palin, Condoleeza Rice, and Hillary Clinton characters:

Is it a good thing that men sexually fantasize about accomplished, powerful women, who are more than just sex objects?


Is it really fucked up that our distinguished female leaders are degraded as sex objects?

And yes, Sarah Palin is a distinguished leader to a degree. She does deserve scrutiny and to be made fun of considering that she's running for the executive office. No she isn't brilliant and I don't agree with her - but she is an accomplished individual who works in a position that deserves respect - and a woman's dignity is important. Although, she did prance around on stage in a swimsuit - which means she is ok with placing her body on display as an object.

I think such a thing as the Palin Porn is good and bad. It's hard enough for pretty ladies to earn respect in professional endeavors, but it does mean something that women - whole women - are sexy, not just ones whose likes are "long walks on the beach," small floppy dogs, and juicy couture pants. Such women are robots to the male fantasy - Not human beings with individuality and a free thinking mind.

If it becomes clear that powerful women with real minds are totally sexy, perhaps more women will try harder to be whole people - not stopping themselves short as being whatever men like them to be - something that comes with instant reward, and that's why many women are lame. They are rewarded for being what men want them to be instead of something of their own.

yummy songs

WOMEN- Black Rice (right click, save as)

Department of Eagles - In Ear Park (Album) link takes you to download a live recording.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i broke my butt

last night i think i sort of broke my butt bone
swirly chair going at fast speeds
smokey room
spinny desk chair
went too fast
and off i flew
they thought i cracked my head open but my skull is tough and
can endure a great many blows
instead i cried
and held my butt
my butt bone
slam hard butt bone
all into the floor

my butt hurts me so bad
it hurts when i get up
and make steps

which are things that i do a lot.

Monday, October 06, 2008

tucker's song

this lil video is realllly catchy and i like to watch it more than one time

its by some SNL writers backstage ...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Monday is the next Street Meat

Street Meat
Character Comedy Show
Hosted by Heather Fink and Rob Lathan
Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St

with special guests:
- Will Franken
(UCB One Man Show, SF Weekly voted "Best Comedian", "What elevates Mr.
Franken above your garden-variety comedian is an erudite wit and a
highly developed sense of the absurd" - The New York Times)

- Matt McCarthy
(all those tv commercials, Montreal Comedy Fest, Live at Gotham/Comedy Central)

- Thomas Middleditch
(currently running UCB One Man Show, Baby Wants Candy)

- Will Hines
(UCB Theatre all star, Mystery Men Movie, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet)

Please come. It's a good show and the sort of thing you'll enjoy probably.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

help me trying to get reservations for tonight at Dorsia


My friend Gina designs and makes these great vegan shoes.

Luann's Tips. Call me crazy, but I think it's pathetic to define yourself and your behavior according to what is attractive to a man .... perhaps you are better off living your life and being a whole human being who acts according to her own brains and desires? But hey, if you want to become whatever you think people want you to be, I'm sure you'll turn out awesome.


Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan is something else written by the guy who wrote the movie/novel Empire of the Sun.

Things that I recently discovered are not all that good: The new movie Ghost Town, the restaurant Rayuela on Allen St, the tuna dish at Cafe Falai on Lafeyette, Lauren Conrad's new clothing line.

But there's other things that I like very much. I talk about those things on other occasions.