Thursday, October 09, 2008

woman is the nigger of the world

Sing it John Lennon, it's your birthday:

I am like this super angry feminist woman who doesn't scream all the time but every now and then the anger makes me want to lead a crazy fire throwing revolution but also I'm trying to enjoy everything

look, see, prominent posterior - that belongs to me

Seeee ... I am showing you and sharing that ... I have one of those. Those girl butts. In the really lovely girly outfit.

and here I can find humor:
The most awesome flickr account ever: P-I-M-P aw man, he used to have a picture up with the caption "me and some random chick I banged" sad to see that it's down ...

And then there's this:

And there's also this:
Playboy: Where women are replaceable pieces of meat and woman mutilate their bodies to look like sex toys and serve the desires of disgusting old men. Hef down a girl

Hustler: Where hard dicks are more important than a woman's dignity or respect for the recently deceased. Nancy Benoit

Oh and there's also the fact that people aren't terribly outraged by the horrors of prostitution. But it's a horror.

Unrelated (aside from the Phil Spector-John Lennon connection)- Read about:
Wall of Sound

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