Friday, October 24, 2008

Last night @ CMJ

So CMJ is this musical fesitival in NYC and cause of my work I have badges and have been going to shows.

Last night I enjoyed the free CMJ tickets to Spring Awakening with my BFF Stephen. Before the show we had chicken at this midtown suckfest of a restaurant and it blowed.

Then we see the musical, and let me tell you - I do not like me some musicals. I don't know how people like these obnoxious little bastards singing in their overdramatic way. Music sounded pretty enough but man that was some unoriginal nonsense and it's mad contrived. And all that stuff about sex was just too out of date and a cheap way to be provocative. We left after the first act to see some shows.

At Bowery Ballroom the act Chester French sounded alright but the lead singer was this awful little brat who gave off this high school kid trying to be cool vibe. Swearing is fucking great but you can't misuse that shit.

Then there was a horrible beast woman at the door of Mercury Lounge. She poops parties and is party pooper. Pianos was too crowded for listening pleasure, Cake Shop was too warm.

So we decided, let's go to my place and watch the Sex and the City Movie.

If the Sex in the City Movie is what being a woman is all about then somebody please rip my ovaries out right now. Sex in the City the tv show focused on some dating situations that I could relate to, and it showcased my city in a really fun way, and at the time, it was very fashionable and good about noticing trends. That's not the case in the movie, so all you're left with is those awful, deplorable, idiotic, shallow characters, and these uncharismatic actresses living out the worst nightmare of what women can be.

Holy fuck! Let's shop and drink vodka cocktails!

And these bitches do not know how to party. They don't. It's awful. What do they do? Buy expensive shit at different places and then TALK? Cause that's all they do. They talk about stuff, make puns, and say oh my god. And when they aren't doing that they cry about guys. Ok enough.

BUT I had a great time. Stephen was able to make fun of all that stupid bullshit, and share with me a muffled laugh at the musical when the young girl sang about her daddy beating her. And even though the fun of the night was making fun of stuff, we didn't feel negative because we enjoyed each other.

PS - I did get a little melty at the Sex City Movie when the dude proposed and said stuff like I love you. So I will admit the one and only universal chord I share with these chicks is that I will melt at the I Love You, and I do fantasize about a wedding and the dress. Though I shiver in fear at the thought of what happens after the wedding, I fantasize about all that romantic stuff just like the girl I am.

PPS- I had a lot of fun and enjoyed CMJ shows on Wednesday. I'm not entirely jaded. Only mostly.

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