Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The economy hurt me so I'm available for you.

Dear friends and colleagues,

My company just laid off a lot of great people today, and I was one of them. Damned economy.
I am now available during the days!

Cast me in your video, let me shoot something with you. I have a Panasonic DVX 100b, tripod, Arri 3 Fresnel Light kit, and a Boom mic. I also have final cut pro and some basic editing skills. I can also write for just about any of your needs. I'm a trained comic/dramatic actor who can also do voiceover and voices.

Professionally I have: PR experience, Legal background, Business skills, Mad good internet and computer skills, Sales, etc ... I can do a lot of things rather well.

Happy to send my professional or creative resume along. I'm a perfectionist of sorts who can be trusted to make things better than they currently are and not be a bitch about it or difficult to deal with. Umm, ok that's my pitch for now.

I'll be working on videos, finally finishing that book proposal, and applying to grad school (why the F not live off loans!) in the meantime.

Ok, thanks everyone, and I hope you're doing well.

- Heather

PS - I no longer have anyone's number in my phone. I have it on some printout file thingy though - so please say who you are if you text or call me.

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