Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some important stuff I've learned now that I've been unemployed for a couple days:

1) Even though you CAN pee on the phone during an interview - you shouldn't.

2) I am a yuppie!
I'm the reason for American Psycho, I'm what made Bret Easton Ellis imagine a murderer who tells a prostitute to eat a woman's asshole.
Here's why:
- I buy organic tampons (true)
- I have expensive 5 blade razors!
- I take cabs all the time because I'm worth it
- I'm addicted to fancy new lotions and creams. Going through Sephora withdrawal.
- Laundry. I haven't done it yet since they deployed me. I'm scared. I've never done it in a laundrymat. It's not as scary when you have laundry in the building. But in this crazy Manhattan place there's all these stairs and strangers and carrying of heavy things. It's so nice and easy when I give it to the nice ladies who ask if I want to pay extra so they separate darks and lights. Yes of course I do!

I feel a lot busier now that I've had my job removed. There's all of these various tasks and errands and things that need doing urgently. And adjustments. And the doing of things by hand without spending money for other people to do them.

Here's some pictures from the weekend.

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