Monday, November 10, 2008

Tonight is Street Meat, please come

ok? Here. Now it's time to talk about other stuff and show you things.

Let's see. This weekend I passed out/fainted for the very first time and it was Awesome fun! I was in the arms of a trusted man person so it was only 5 percent scary and 95 percent fun. He was a little mad at me because I scared him, but I can't help but admit that all those crazy colors were really neat.

I also ate these sexy little bitches at a dinner party type thing:
succulent little bastards

And I watched a deranged person devour the 6 beef patties that come in a triple cheeseburger combo deal.


In the modern world, Ninja Kittens try to sell you cars.

Also, you should buy listen up. Do yourself a favor and watch their advertisement video.

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