Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The win feels a little weird

it's just so shocking to me that people believe and care now who didn't care before.

Why couldn't they care on their own, from their own hearts?

Why did it have to take a huge movement and an exciting new leader?

I wish that these people cared in 2000 and 2004.

I wish they didn't let that happen. Because they let George W Bush happen to our country. It's sad that now they care and now they see the light.

Yeah Obama showed many people the light and inspired them. I am really happy at what America is going to be now. I am excited for our progressive nation on the world stage. I'm glad that there's a sense of hope and inspiration.

But I resent how late it came and how much work a campaign has to do to get people's brains to work. It really hurt our country to be lead by the Bush administration.

I think that people who only cared in this election, and not in others, are just sheep who care too much about the packaging of their message. Kerry and Gore stood for the same progressive values as Obama, they just didn't come in a cool or exciting enough package.

Also, there's that gay marriage ban. Makes the whole sentiment of this election a little more superficial, don't you think?

Thank god though, that Obama won. Finally.
The story that stands on its own, aside from the politics or government, is that this is an inspiring story for the civil rights movement. I feel that.

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