Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You did your best 2008

Best Movies I Saw This Year (on DVD or in Theatres)
- The Wackness
- Wristcutters
- Pineapple Express
- Dark Knight
- A Guide to Recognizing your Saints
- Teeth
- Funny Games

- The Wrestler - really unoriginal, too predicable, cheaply shot. Well acted though.
- Juno - I don't get why people like this turdbasket.

Still really want to see
- Role Models


Favorite stuff I put into my ipod this year
- Sigur Ros
- Silversun Pickups
- Portishead - a favorite band of all time finally released new stuff!
- Deerhunter/ Atlas Sound
- Autolux
- Beatles White Album
- Jesu

I'm experiencing valuable transitions. I'll show you the fruits of my labor in 2009. But not in 2010, that's the year I go into my space pod.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Favorite thing

right now
Howard and Leslie
created by Donald Glover, who basically does everything right, because he is hilarious and talented.

And it's my favorite thing right now not only because I like those videos, but also because it taught me about

My friends Evan, Stephen, and I took turns making this video:


And if you make one of these videos, please place a link to your video in the comments below, thanks :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In this crazy new economy

unconventional seems to help.

I was featured in this article on Silicon Alley Insider (Silicon Alley is NYC's tech community, like Cali's Valley). It's already done a lot of good and I've gotten some great feedback from potential employers. Now first - to you, um - HEY! Check out this recommendation my last boss wrote about me (posted on LinkedIn):
"Heather possesses a unique combination of talents. She is detail oriented yet “gets” the big picture strategy; creative yet business savvy. She is highly in tune with popular culture, has an amazing grasp of creative skills (especially writing & blogging) and a warm co-worker. She is an asset to any organization and can apply herself successfully to a variety of disciplines without missing a beat." December 3, 2008
Mitch Rotter , SVP Content Acquisition & Strategy , Thumbplay, Inc.
managed Heather at Thumbplay

So, um ... not bad eh? How's about some sweet sweet employment?

And PS that silly picture of me with the wineglass was taken by the talented Kate Schafer in the year 2005.

PPS - I'm siiiiick. Gross.

Saw some Yo la Tengo Last night

And there was a moment that made it all worthwhile. Go to 8:34 to see a man play a guitar with great incredibleness. The audio quality isn't great here, so you can listen to the track below

PS - If you'd prefer my website with bacon on the side, click here.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I find this image especially upsetting and now I'm sharing it with you.

America's First Gay President Concludes Historic Second Term
Sometimes the Onion is still really funny.

Being seeing lots of these as I have more free time.


Saw Scott Walker documentary on Sunday in some very comfortable seats at the IFC theatre. Fascinating man, well done movie.

sucked! Sucked.

Disappointing, goes nowhere/aimless

Meh, like those National Treasure/Nicholas Cage books better, and as for Holy Grail Stories, the comic book Preacher did it better.

Awesome, Almodovar is a masterful filmmaker. (Had only seen Volver before, loved that too.)

Even more awesome, Almodovar knows how to make a complete and compelling film complete with strong story, suspense, intelligence, and engaging characters. He also uses rich colors and vibrant textures. But what's with all the trannies?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuff I did

Sure, there's a million things to do. I made lists, so I'm certain of it.
But jobless days without regimented purpose wear thin.

There's also a list of great fun things to do, and I'm not getting up off my ass to do them. On purpose. The slow slug is dragging me cement like into stillness and that's not something I can tolerate for so many hours in a row.

I've had spikes of great productivity. Wrote a big thing I can't tell you about.

And I really haven't felt like blogging lately. This is kind of a bleak week. Is it ok if I just go half assed and list stuff I did?

Yes, it is.
- Was an extra on Gossip Girl. Being an extra sucks butts, but it was cool to see all of those actors on set.
- Was a guest on Sara B's 3rd Gossip Girl Summit. That's always a lot of fun. You gotsta go to a future one.
- Did Standup on Sunday night for the first time since September. Dreaded it but it was a great show and great crowd. Made me feel better.
- Saw Lou Reed speak. Learned that he's the kind of guy who will totally kick your ass for any reason.
- Went to the Spotted Pig for the first time - their burger is the best tasting meat-wise that I've had.
- Made chicken livers and one of them turned green when I cooked it. Internet said it was bile, threw it out. Totally gross.

Here's an old Lou Reed interview:

It's pretty good.
Pretty snow is the most romantic thing.
Although I can try and ignore that when performing ordinary activities.

Friday, December 12, 2008

NEW VIDEO: Beavis and Butthead Interview 2008

My first video with My Damn Channel! They were wonderful to work with. Here's their blog about it.

Written/Directed by Heather Fink

Beavis - Eric Slovin
Butthead - Leo Allen
Dana Foyer - Heather Fink

Cameras - Paul Rondeau and Mark Miller
Editor - Ed Mundy
Makeup - Ruth Fernandez

Produced by My Damn Channel

PS - Check out this logo by Dave Franzese!

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Right Tools.

couple things worth mentioning:
This thing is making my life great. It does what the others haven't done before.

Now I'm eating soup and wearing my fleece outfit with the footies. And I like it!

The artwork of Valerie Hegarty:

click to see more

"Frank Sinatra's "My Way" has reportedly generated so many outbursts of hostility that some bars in the Philippines now do not offer it on the karaoke menu anymore." read more

Really well done movie. I liked it. A solid success.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

We are experiencing good things. At least moderately so, which works.

Time to look at a picture of Italian Amaretti Cookies and think about how good they taste and also think about their pleasing texture ...
Done. 2 hours well spent!

Been enjoying punching my fists around the apartment in my Unemployment Outfit which is versitile as it can also be used while employed.

I feel really good right now.
- Unemployment has been a lot about reaching out to people. I'm being reminded how valuable and wonderful the people I know are. I feel lucky to know them. Putting yourself out there makes a difference. And to whoever is hiding in dark corners of curmudgenly resistance (the 'i don't have a myspace' type person) - well. I guess that's ok but this works for me.

- Potential employers have said positive things during interviews that make me feel like a more worthwhile person, who yes, does have skills and experience!

- There actually are jobs out there. Good jobs. Didn't get them yet but I saw much evidence as to their existence.

Ok mostly that. But it's a much greater experience to be interviewing now vs out of college when I had to try very hard to convince people I was qualified. More and moreso each month, 27 feels different and new. All around me, signs are pointing and telling me that my life is changing (aging) and I think it's not going to suck.

- Janie Marshall's Intelegance
- Billy Scafuri
- Dan Zimmer and Nick Kaye's new music video Melodic "Ride On"

(is a turn on)
- World Championship Steak Cookoff
- Kermit Singing LCD soundsystem

Street Meat is having a special 2 year anniversary show on
SATURDAY Jan 10th!!!
PARTY HARD - a saturday show means more fucking so total like, you know.

ALSO STANDUP - doing what I would consider *rare* as I'm doing less standup lately - December 14th - performing at Paris Commune. West Village, a Sunday evening - this show always has a nice lineup and cosy atmosphere ...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

NY Post: The Face of Unemployment!

Enjoy the first picture "frowny I'm-really-poor-now" face
and the second picture (when you click through) "I'm holding somebody's empty wallet" face!

If you pick up a copy of the NY Post today and turn to page 41, DO NOT BE ALARMED. My mouth has not actually turned green and there are not actual growths on it.

It seems that all copies have a big green nastiness over my lips and it looks totally gross. Rest assured I was actually wearing a light pink lip gloss.

Also - friends, please don't hate me for how I was quoted! You are all good friends, and I don't expect anything from you. I was asked "are your friends buying you things" and I was like "no, I wouldn't mind a few beers" etc ... and asked questions about how I spend my money now vs before.

And the wonderful Stephen Fagen is the one who helped me do my laundry. We discovered however that dropoff service is so cheap in my part of town it's not much more expensive than doing it myself. That was a nice discovery.