Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In this crazy new economy

unconventional seems to help.

I was featured in this article on Silicon Alley Insider (Silicon Alley is NYC's tech community, like Cali's Valley). It's already done a lot of good and I've gotten some great feedback from potential employers. Now first - to you, um - HEY! Check out this recommendation my last boss wrote about me (posted on LinkedIn):
"Heather possesses a unique combination of talents. She is detail oriented yet “gets” the big picture strategy; creative yet business savvy. She is highly in tune with popular culture, has an amazing grasp of creative skills (especially writing & blogging) and a warm co-worker. She is an asset to any organization and can apply herself successfully to a variety of disciplines without missing a beat." December 3, 2008
Mitch Rotter , SVP Content Acquisition & Strategy , Thumbplay, Inc.
managed Heather at Thumbplay

So, um ... not bad eh? How's about some sweet sweet employment?

And PS that silly picture of me with the wineglass was taken by the talented Kate Schafer in the year 2005.

PPS - I'm siiiiick. Gross.

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