Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuff I did

Sure, there's a million things to do. I made lists, so I'm certain of it.
But jobless days without regimented purpose wear thin.

There's also a list of great fun things to do, and I'm not getting up off my ass to do them. On purpose. The slow slug is dragging me cement like into stillness and that's not something I can tolerate for so many hours in a row.

I've had spikes of great productivity. Wrote a big thing I can't tell you about.

And I really haven't felt like blogging lately. This is kind of a bleak week. Is it ok if I just go half assed and list stuff I did?

Yes, it is.
- Was an extra on Gossip Girl. Being an extra sucks butts, but it was cool to see all of those actors on set.
- Was a guest on Sara B's 3rd Gossip Girl Summit. That's always a lot of fun. You gotsta go to a future one.
- Did Standup on Sunday night for the first time since September. Dreaded it but it was a great show and great crowd. Made me feel better.
- Saw Lou Reed speak. Learned that he's the kind of guy who will totally kick your ass for any reason.
- Went to the Spotted Pig for the first time - their burger is the best tasting meat-wise that I've had.
- Made chicken livers and one of them turned green when I cooked it. Internet said it was bile, threw it out. Totally gross.

Here's an old Lou Reed interview:

It's pretty good.

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