Thursday, December 04, 2008

We are experiencing good things. At least moderately so, which works.

Time to look at a picture of Italian Amaretti Cookies and think about how good they taste and also think about their pleasing texture ...
Done. 2 hours well spent!

Been enjoying punching my fists around the apartment in my Unemployment Outfit which is versitile as it can also be used while employed.

I feel really good right now.
- Unemployment has been a lot about reaching out to people. I'm being reminded how valuable and wonderful the people I know are. I feel lucky to know them. Putting yourself out there makes a difference. And to whoever is hiding in dark corners of curmudgenly resistance (the 'i don't have a myspace' type person) - well. I guess that's ok but this works for me.

- Potential employers have said positive things during interviews that make me feel like a more worthwhile person, who yes, does have skills and experience!

- There actually are jobs out there. Good jobs. Didn't get them yet but I saw much evidence as to their existence.

Ok mostly that. But it's a much greater experience to be interviewing now vs out of college when I had to try very hard to convince people I was qualified. More and moreso each month, 27 feels different and new. All around me, signs are pointing and telling me that my life is changing (aging) and I think it's not going to suck.

- Janie Marshall's Intelegance
- Billy Scafuri
- Dan Zimmer and Nick Kaye's new music video Melodic "Ride On"

(is a turn on)
- World Championship Steak Cookoff
- Kermit Singing LCD soundsystem

Street Meat is having a special 2 year anniversary show on
SATURDAY Jan 10th!!!
PARTY HARD - a saturday show means more fucking so total like, you know.

ALSO STANDUP - doing what I would consider *rare* as I'm doing less standup lately - December 14th - performing at Paris Commune. West Village, a Sunday evening - this show always has a nice lineup and cosy atmosphere ...

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