Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heck yeah I'm gonna fantasize it.

I'm not in a place where I'm gonna get engaged to someone any time soon. But a couple of my best friends just got engaged so I went and did something secret and private (well, not anymore) that a lot of girls do and feel ashamed.

But whatever. Not ashamed. Yes - I fantasized about OMG what my engagement ring would be like.

Ordinarily, I don't want a man's money - too much personal pride to be paid for, and that's way too besides the point of really loving someone.
BUT if a guy happens to be totally loaded, I have no problem helping him spend that cash. That's guilt free. It ain't no thing to him. So far in life, I've only milked this in drinking and dining situations.

However, if a mister money pants wants to make me bride all up on him, then I'd want this:

A basic one carat Tiffany ring - classic setting. $8500
Any bigger and it would be annoying. I'd probably scratch my face and rip my pantyhose and get cut by jerks trying to snatch my jewels.

But if a mister sensible pants, which is more likely, wants to nuptual all over my face, then I think I'd want something like this:

It's pretty! It looks cool! It's 100 bucks!
I'd also be into a hand-me-down ring or something old.

But that's not all. I'd want the ring AND I'd like to take all the money we saved and go on an awesome vacation somewhere. And then every time I look at the ring I'd think about the fun we had! Wheeeee!

See, I thought about it in detail. I'm a lady and ladies be crazy!

But that's ok because dudes always do hazardous things and so the triangles and the poles are always balancing like liberty and justice.

PS -
I love this jewelry.
By Erica Weiner

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