Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is that really the reality of today and this moment?

Sometimes I doubt that things are happening as they are. Do you do that? Like today I was in the shower thinking - do I really have this class at 6 today? If I go there will the other people be there and we will start having the class really? Yes of course. It's at 6 and not 6:30 right? Is today even Tuesday? Did I do my shampoo already? And then I went to my class at 6. It was good. My teacher Curtis told us this story:
He was at an audition and there was another audition next door for a beer commercial where a young guy has to kiss an old lady. All of the sudden there was a loud commotion. One of the young guys puked everywhere after he had to kiss the old lady. The end.

On Monday my butt took a ride on Morimoto's fantastical toilet.

There were these buttons.
Most of the buttons didn't work, but I could move the lid and seat up and down with them, and the seat was warmed for me. There were also other various automated things in the bathroom which confused me deeply.

I was at Morimoto having lunch with Gina, the designer of ladies' vegan footwear. Buy her shoes please!

I realized that:
There is nothing hotter than watching a man have fun.
Ugh it gets my balls wound straight up tight when they get all laughy and goofy and have a good time. Smiles. Mischief. Oh boy oh boy. A man having fun is a man at his sexiest.
Maybe that's why I hate guys trying too hard when they hit on you at bars. They don't seem like they are having fun, they seem uncomfortable, fake, scared, and stupid. B Urself Pls Thx.

Michael Ian Black imagines himself as Billy Joel driving toward a holiday party where he knew there was going to be a piano in this McSweeneys piece.

Death to Sound Fix? Sad. On a related note, my heart breaks when a bank, real estate agency, or cell phone store opens adding to the boring landscape of a city block, but my heart melts for the preservation/addition of cultural institutions, restaurants, or mom and pop style shops.
Also - I will be performing Stand Up at Sound Fix on Mon Feb 2nd- it's a free show at 8pm.

Man Babies - I don't like it, but it does exist.

Enjoy a song. Yeasayer - Tightrope

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