Thursday, January 08, 2009

my animal collection

So. Animal Collective new album.

There's these excited sounds of grandeur and explosion - it's all very frenetic and noisy. Really noisy. This album isn't good played softly or low. It's only good loud. And they mix in all of these sounds I don't normally want to have in my songs. Take "Summertime Clothes" - there's something in there from a really bad 80s song - not awesomely bad, just throw away elevator bad. But they did combine it with the right sounds so that it doesn't suck. They are talented combiners. And there's a great deal of optimism in this music.

These songs have to grow on you. In no way do any of them hit me in first listen like - oooh yes - and honestly if it wasn't for the blogs jizzuming all over this record - I wouldn't know that I was required to give it more time. But I did, and it is legitimately solid, original, creative, and modern. Sometimes pretty, but when it's pretty it's also scraping at you.

My favorite song so far is "Also Frightened." The album version is better than what's in that link.

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