Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My favorite Input

Now that I have more time for television, I've become addicted to various learning shows. First and foremost - cooking shows, then travel, and then random history and learning. I spend the most of my time with Anthony Bourdain, who is my favorite, and Martha.

No Reservations is one of the best tv shows there is.

Other favorites:
- FOOD: Alton Brown (he's a bit annoying but so informational), Iron Chef
- TRAVEL: Rick Steves, Samantha Brown
I'm surprised at my brain's capacity for these shows. I can watch a million dishes being made and I just LOVE it. Don't even get me started on Top Chef. And I only wish Nigella was on, she is so dope - but not really on the tv these days.

Anyhow, I was watching this thing on the artist Francis Bacon, and it helped me understand fine art portraits a little better - and made me think.
They shared some of his thoughts, such as these:
- Appearance is deeply linked with behavior
- You can't make a portrait of a soul but you can paint an appearance
- The challenge is to transform appearance into image

So that's interesting. If I were to sit in front of someone and make a portrait, I could try to paint their appearance - that could include the feelings they give me, the assumptions I make, their essence that they put outward - there's definitely other visuals that come with a person aside from their face. I think that will help me understand how to appreciate a portrait when I see it as art. That stuff just isn't so obvious to me.

And here is one of Bacon's portraits:

"Figure with Meat"

Check out more Francis Bacon.

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