Monday, January 26, 2009

My internet wasn't working and it held me back from sharing all my intense feelings. It was awful. Just awful.

Stuff I did:
- saw M83 at Irving Plaza/Fillmore
- went to Shayna's wonderful B-Day party at UWS Jewish Deli Lansky's and ate delicious things
- chilled with hipster gays and lesbs at Metropolitain
- had a perfect, reasonably priced meal at Le Barricou in Williamsburg on Grand and Lorimer
- saw another Almodovar film - that man is one of the best director/writers ever
- fell in love with Tool Academy

That's all pretty great right? But don't worry, I'm not all roses and butterscotch. I've got this annoying mucousy cold that won't go away, and some various emotional problems that hinder my ability to truly connect with my inner happiness.

Check out Andrea and Jeff's consistently excellent new Blogs:
- Shouldn't But Do
- Should But Don't

Did you know that these guys are married in real life? It's a fact.

Idiotarod is coming up.

There was an interactive war simulation/play staged on the LES called Surrender.

Becky Yamamoto's Chinese New Year Resolutions.

Butthole Road and Crapstone

Song of the day!
Fugazi - The Kill

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