Friday, January 30, 2009

snack stadium

also, tonight a free ice cream and tequila party

and a bjork party?!

have fun tonight kidz

PS - Dear the moneyless, I managed to have a funfilled Thursday night out spending little to nothing. I went to some free event that had free absinthe, adrian grenier, and terrible house music to start things off, then got treated to dinner by the angel Eliza FS at Butter, and got in on some free bottle service action at the hands of life of the partie Artie Fuqua at Cain, where women danced on a table stage with white feathers on their bras, and they laid down some reliable hip hop standards. The evening was cheesy and seemed like NYC in its 90s clubby glory days. I even stopped into Bungalow 8 on the way home, err. I don't quite get why all those places are exclusive but I F'ing love VIP treatment and free things always.

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