Sunday, January 04, 2009

watchin films in the 2009

I saw 3 already, not in theatres. Liked them all!

Darjeeling Limited

I appreciate Anderson's originality in storytelling. He also creates an enjoyable, colorful, complete world. I thought this movie might be annoying but it's not. The characters are engaging and charming. Overall, original and well made. Not a lot of big action or thrills, just fun quirky adventures.

Paranoid Park

A solid work from Gus Van Sant, a director known for dreamy realism and slow pacing, he really makes it work here. This film is more similar to Elephant than Good Will Hunting, but more substantial. Marked by authentic youthfulness, with music from Elliot Smith. Film is like a fresh cut of life from those skateboarder kid high school days. Very convincing and natural performances from the entire cast. Clever methods of story telling.

Charlie Wilson's War
The movie was ok but the story/history element left a lasting impression. Charlie Wilson was one hell of a character. DVD extras showing the real man were definitely worth checking out. Lots of T and A in this movie btw. Charlie was a ladies man. Here's the thing - this movie is about how the Afghan people got US weapons to battle the Soviets. These are the weapons used against the US today. At the end of the movie Charlie tries to get money for Afghan people to educate them - because this would now be a country with many dead elders, and the US operation was covert, so the Afghan people wouldn't even know that the US helped them. His final quote about the situation was
These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world... and then we fucked up the endgame.


Went to The Box Last for the first time this weekend

it's a wild, silly, unique lil place.

Final movie related point - That Bride Wars movie trailer is terribly annoying. I really hate trix rabbit scenarios. Stupid situations where the characters are just tortured, ugh. Why would I want to watch that unnecessary strife? EAT THE TRIX DAMMIT. I want to watch that rabbit put those trix in his little bunny mouth.

trix isn't just for kids, dammit its not fair and she knows it and the trix people know it too

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