Thursday, February 26, 2009


Boy oh boy how I used to love Brak, invented in the mid 90s. Without Space Ghost Coast to Coast (Brak's origin) there would be no Adult Swim. And I'm pretty certain this show was a precursor to shows like Tim and Eric, and Aqua Teen. So thank him. And don't touch him.

More Brak:
- I Love Beans
From the show -
- Space Ghost - Brak's Tales Of Suspense - Milk
- From the Brak Show

And these things!
I interviewed this woman with 2 baginers a long time ago. Just remembered about her. She had a blog called "box set."

Stilts! by Rob Lathan (with an especially humorous appearance from Will Hines)

A new Kerri Kenney series on My Damn Channel!

Phil Hartman's original SNL audition.

Man heard discussing his firms' layoffs, then it was blogged about.

Destroyer - Painter in Your Pocket mp3

YUMTIME Amazing dessert discovery: mix equal parts ricotta cheese and whipped cream together! I used part skim ricotta, it was amazing - topped with berries and agave nectar (honey would be good too)

Here's a picture from a recent dinner party that I hosted in a basement in Bushwick:

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