Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am the gold medal winner of bong hits

In case you didn't already read these comments about Michael Phelps.
And in case you didn't already hear the Mae Shi's remix of Bale's freakout.

This past weekend I was very happy because I was part of a very special surprise for a very special man, thanks to his sister. My bff Stephen hates his birthday, and I had to listen to him go on about how he isn't into them or the attention or presents - RIGHT BEFORE taking him to be surprised by his sister, some friends, and a cake with candles. But guess what - he was both surprised and he liked it anyways!

- I like these current Hollywood photos.

- Good Neighbor Stuff is a male comedy trio from LA and I think their videos are good. Check em out. (Haven't seen them all but I liked the top 2 a lot.)

- This weekend there will be
"Sledding on a 70-foot long Snow Flume (line closes at 3:30 p.m.)"
I'd get up early to hit that.

- Although I might be up late the night before because of this dance party at a Chinatown strip mall. 5th anniversary party for No Ordinary Monkey.

- Here is a spreadheet of rockstars with Twitters.

- Sara Benincasa does a nice Anne Hathaway. Good job!

- Trevor Williams is a great dude. Here he is in a CarMax commercial.

- I want to go to the Farm on Adderley some time.

- Here you can get tickets for the next comedic Gossip Girl event on which I am a guest. Tickets usually sell out in 48 hours so go for it!

Song of the day -
Radiohead - Last Flowers (off the bonus CD from In Rainbows)

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