Friday, February 06, 2009

I saw Conan O Brian live yesterday!

I went to one of the last tapings of Conan O Brian yesterday (thanks to a hookup from Miss Mandy Stadtmiller) with Sartorialist Nathan:

sartorialist nathan
that jacket! shirt! shoes! he knocked this one out of the park and simply had to be photographed as such

He is normally just Klokeee Nathan, collector of fine jpegs like

remote controlled penis helicopter that somebody launched at a Russian political event

and beartable

It was a delightful *and free* experience I was very happy to have. Conan O Brian is a flawless performer and capable as all hell. The writing on his show is fresh and all around solid. I'm surprised that such a mainstream show can consistently write killer bits on the regular. I hope his writing team stays with him in LA.

Brian Williams was especially impressive as a guest. Conan and Brian had an incredible back and forth that was so smooth it could have been scripted. Hilarious stuff.

Later we tried to get free drinks at soho art galleries but one was too crowded and the other was too neon. So instead there were burgers and beers in the warm and cosy Non-Tribecca-Like-In-A-Good-Way, Nancy Whiskey.

And today nothing especially good happened but I did make some mulled red wine with apples, lemon juice, cinnamon, raw sugar, and honey. It's in my mouth and on the stove being all magical.

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