Friday, February 13, 2009

I've done these things recently:
- Sledded on the east river
- Drove a wine bottle opener through a small lime
- Performed on a Street Meat where a committed heckler was loud, proud, and not very funny
- Held a boom mike
- Enjoyed being on a video set not as a performer or director, but as a faggy purposeless girlfriend
- Cleaned my room so intensely that I can actually see my closet floor, and shirts are organized by type of sleeve
- Learned KNIFE SKILLS! at the Brooklyn Kitchen - highly recommended, we learned great cooking tips aside from knife alone
- Modeled in my underpants for a photoshoot, but it was not sexy, in fact, it was humorous and Sears catalog-esque
- Interviewed for a job in the building where my mom works OMG
- About to perform some comedy for a show tonight with acoustic emo bands at Angels and Kings

And some other things.

Enjoy your long weekends if you have them and for flips sake, ENJOY your Valentines days. Stop with these broken heart poetry slamming omg I'm single, or if you're in a couple, stop with these elaborate and painful overpriced 15 course pre-fixe dinners. Just ENJOY! Give extra kissies. Eat pink cookies and cupcakes. Flowers, great for you or him or her. They are always nice. Eat chocolates anyways. Never forget 9-11, and more importantly never forget how to HAVE FUN.

I liked this:

Comedy show that I'm doing hosted by Andrew WK at Santos is moved to March 1st. Should be pretty cool.

Please yes do stimulate me for real.

Time out NY's "dating in NY" - so I personally know the comedy people and porn people in there and some of those folks (lets be honest not all of them) are very attractive physically and personally - as for the rest, um, er. Sorry. Props for putting yourselves out there.

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