Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Male models in their model apartment, read more

The Dutch government is against me because of sexism, but only before 1985.

The description of Must Read After My Death and trailer

Gil Ozeri is a guest on March 16th's Street Meat at Cake Shop. He is quite funny and well known for some hilarious phone sex prank calls he made years ago. They are great!:
- "I'm into Clippy..."
- "I'm into Jewish Mother Stereotypes..."
- "I'm into Old-Timey Barbers..."
- "I'm into Clowns..."


Upcoming shows:
- 2/21/09: This Saturday at UCB theatre at Midnight, I'm performing a funtime character with Adam Good as guitar backup. The show is called High School Talent show - and here you make reservations.
- 3/1/09: hosted by Andrew WK, click poster to buy tickets

- 2/20/09: walking the runway Friday in this fashion show.

I have also agreed to host/MC my high school reunion in September. Interesting yes?

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