Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Highlights, and my Wrestler hero Tito

I quite enjoyed this weekend.

Friday night I modeled in Mandate of Heaven's fall 2009 Fashion show - and I tripped and fell (as witnessed by Angel Lust PR)! But let me tell you - that was a lot of fun. I am not comfortable with strutting my stuff - being goofy on stage is fine, but not being sexy on purpose. Walking the catwalk makes me so nervous! I tripped on some wires, it was quite a spill and kinda funny too. I got up and the audience clapped - that was the perfect thing to make me feel relaxed, laugh, and have more fun.

Afterwards I ate cheetos and danced.
snack party

The next night I performed a character at UCB Theatre in the show - "High School Talent Show" (UPDATE - we will be performing this as part of my act - I'll also be doing standup - this Sunday March 1st at Santos Party House)
performing "doll parts" at UCB theatre with adam on his fender jazzmaster
I would desribe this character as a maladjusted, very awkward teen girl who has lots of emotions and wants to be goth and release her anger. She sings Doll Parts and in the middle of the song she yells out some various teen rage.

Adam played guitar and was very silent but still plenty angsty in his silence.
He's a lot of fun to include in comedy projects because by all means he is not a performer. You can't duplicate that kind of fun newbie energy with a seasoned performer.

My weekend also had Papa Johns in it. That morning I called papas many times before they opened and was so delirious by the time the pizza arrived I seriously overtipped. It felt so good inside my gin and tonic weakened tummy. That made for a perfect morning.


Martha had a "pot themed show"
- entire thing riddled with hilarious double entendres.

I recently brought friends to my home town to experience the wonders of Roxbury NJ, and snowtubing. One of those wonders is Mr. Tito Santana.

Here is a NY Times write up about him.

My favorite Tito Santana story is this:
One day in the high school cafeteria, my friend Chrissy asked me who I was going to get a ride down the shore with after the prom. I was all like "dude, I don't know." She thought I was being a bitch about about it, and so she got all in my face like - what do you think you're better than me? And then I was like WTF, and she had her big fake prom nails on and took a swipe at me and scratched up my face with those lovely nails. Tito was monitoring the lunch room and everybody started chanting "Tito! Tito! Tito!" Tito broke up the fight and sent us to the principals office. Me and Chrissy laughed and made up. She was stressed out and it was a misunderstanding. The drawing of blood was an understandable manicure related accident.

Another fond Tito memory is that we high school seniors had an event called "wrestlemania." High school seniors paired up and wrestled - some as jokes and some for real. Many students made costumes. My BFF Kim and I dressed up quite inappropriately as teenagers are want to do - as "T and A." She was "T", I was "A" - you do the math. She won because I have very little physical strength and Kim played sports. Tito invited real 80s wrestlers to our school to put on a show. It was a pretty awesome thing to happen in my small town.

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