Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Been so darn angsty lately

why oh why?
oh that.
and I'm aging/raging against the dying of the light
all these marriages and engagements of dear friends make me feel half happy to wear cute dresses and eat cakes and witness young love in bloom, and half WTF I'm closer to death

The sun warmed the earth enough that I enjoyed not one but two walks across the Williamsburg Bridge this weekend.

Saturday night I was a guest on the Gossip Girl Summit 4. Here are photos by Maryanne Ventrice.

I like me some Woz.

On Monday I helped with a new Wainy Days video. Had the privilege of watching David Wain direct. He's an actor/director/writer. I have certain difficulties doing this when I make my own videos, and this is the first time I've watched a seasoned professional work in all 3 roles at once. It was great!
- I've learned my lesson all too well not to listen to the voices of everyone around you. On the last video I shot I KNEW I wasn't happy with a take, but all these people around me were like "It's great!" No. It wasn't what I wanted, and the video didn't turn out the way I wanted. I doubted myself and wasn't firm enough. I was too worried about not being a bitch that I compromised my work. That's no good.
- David is really good about saying exactly what he wants without being a dick. He politely communicates to others on the set who have ideas that he wants to do something a certain way.
- They all respect him, and he's earned it. That does help. I just have to be firm, direct, and confident to command respect in this way.
- I worked with an actor in videos a while back who I no longer work with. He eroded my confidence when directing him because he didn't respect my direction, always wanting to do it his own way, always "knowing better." I thought maybe it was my fault. But it really wasn't me, it was him, being a dick. Unfortunate, eh?

I ate a sea urchin this weekend


Handsome Furs "I'm Confused" from Sarah Marcus on Vimeo.
Handsome Furs video that includes black ooze spitting. Makes me wanna direct my own music video. Hey musicians ... want my visual concepts on your sounds?

SHOWS - yesterday I performed Monoscene at UCB and will also be doing that the next 2 tuesday nights - mark your calendars! 2 shows left, and we will be drinking at the St Pattys show.
Tomorrow - I'm doing at show at 9pm, Standup, Legion Bar - Williamsburg.

I have been TWITTING OFF SOME TWITTERS man. Came late to this party but I'm taking shots.

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